Microsoft @ E3: Fable Gets Kinect-Based On-Rails Shooter

Shooting goblins with magic.

Posted by Staff
Microsoft @ E3: Fable Gets Kinect-Based On-Rails Shooter
What has just happened: Peter Molyneux announced the next iteration of the Fable series. Subtitled 'The Journey,' it uses the Kinect in various different ways. Starting on horse and cart, your arms are used to help steer yourself away from a mysterious evil that is enveloping the land.

After getting out of harms way, the game continues its first-person viewpoint and takes you on an on-rails journey throughout Albion. Your arms are used to cast magic at goblins and other enemies as they try to attack you.

Svend thinks: I'm a big fan of Fable, but I'm not sure I could buy into a game which is essentially an on-rails shooter. It doesn't appear to stray too far from the traditional art style and gameplay formula (your past heroes have always been able to use magic, after all), but I'm curious to see if shooting magic spells at goblins is all you'll be able to do here. The horse riding section suggests otherwise, but I'm hoping for some real innovative use of Kinect here for The Journey to grab my attention.


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