Team ICO Remakes Dated for Japan

Both sold separately.

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Team ICO Remakes Dated for Japan
Sony has announced a release date and price for the Team ICO HD Collection in Japan, and released a new trailer detailing their sheer loveliness.

The remakes of the two cult PS2 classics, ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, will hit store shelves on the 22nd September for 3,890 each according to Dengeki.

As you probably noticed, the two games will not feature on one Blu-ray disc but instead will be sold separately. This probably won't be the case for regions outside of Japan, but it gives Sony a good opportunity to sell both games in a limited edition package which features downloadable themes and a 100 page book for 6,980.

If you missed out on these gems the first time around, watch the video below and see why you need to buy this when it comes out in the West.


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