Lionhead: Second Hand Market Worse than PC Piracy

Fable III PC sales merely a "bonus."

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Lionhead: Second Hand Market Worse than PC Piracy
Fable developer Lionhead has said that the pre-owned sales market for home consoles is a bigger problem for its bottom line than piracy of its PC software.

Speaking to Eurogamer, lead combat designer for Fable III Mike West declared that "piracy these days on PC is probably less problematic than second-hand sales on the Xbox. I've been working on PC games for many years and piracy is always a problem. There are a lot of honest people out there as well, and if they like your game they'll buy it."

Strangely though, that's about as far as West goes with the pre-owned argument, opting to further detail the impact of PC piracy instead. He added that Lionhead has already made its money on Fable III, and that any actual sales made from the upcoming PC version will simply be a "bonus" - "a no-lose even with piracy as it is."

"The pirates, whatever you do on whatever system, they will crack it. It might take no time... I think the longest it's taken to happen is two days. Someone will crack it somewhere and there's not much you can do about it," he lamented.

"It's just a depressing situation we're in that people don't think it's worth spending money on computer games. What they're doing is making sure there are fewer games coming out in the future and more people out of work, which is a terrible thing."

West then realised that he was supposed to be making the pre-owned market sound worse than piracy, rather than deter anyone from actually making games for the PC platform at all - and concluded with "But, as I say, second-hand sales cost us more in the long-run than piracy these days."

Glad we cleared that up, then.


mawigator 18 May 2011 06:25
It is very short time thinking, The amount of money in the market is more or less constant. Even if there is no second hand market the peopel will not spend more on games. More people will be buying new games but each man will buy less games than previously.
worker 18 May 2011 09:21
Lionhead you whinny rich babys this is a globle ressession and if I want to save a few dollers for food by buying used to buy more food for my kid i will. you basterds you made your money plus. then you offer crap for good chunks of cash on live. the rich get ritcher and the poor get poorer. have any of you jerks bought a used car before? how is that helping the manufactuer?. I bet most of you dont even buy domestic, probley all driving job destroying import cars living in massive homes drinking champane in your pools talking about the scum that buys used.
Cfan 18 May 2011 10:30
u mad bro?
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