Hackers Now Target Eidos - Steal Deus Ex User Details

Of course, it's Anonymous

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Hackers Now Target Eidos - Steal Deus Ex User Details
The problem with setting up a crusading 'hacktivist' organisation with anarchist organisational structures is that anybody can say that they're part of you. This appears to be the case with 'Anonymous', the messianic group that started out defending freedom of speech and is now, apparently, picking on video gamers instead.

Brian Krebs of Krebsonsecurity reports that having (allegedly) taken Sony's PSN down, Anonymous is now picking on... Eidos/Square Enix.

"The Web sites for computer game giant Eidos Interactive and one of its biggest titles ? Deus Ex? were defaced and plundered on Wednesday in what appears to have been an attack from a splinter cell of the hacktivist group Anonymous," says Krebs.

The details are that, "For several hours early Thursday morning, the Deus Ex Web site, user forum, and Eidos.com were unreachable. For a brief period late Wednesday evening, the sites displayed a defacement banner that read 'Owned by Chippy1337', along with several names and hacker handles of those supposedly responsible for the break-in."

The group responsible also claim to have thieved "information on at least 80,000 Deus Ex users and that they plan to release the data on file-sharing networks."

No comment from Square, which owns Eidos yet.


iFSS 13 May 2011 11:03
Psst! Want to join in on the Deus Ex hacking?
username: NSF001
password: smashthestate
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