Silent Hill 2 sells a million: Everyone is strange

Amazing sales for Konami horror title

Posted by Staff
Konami has somewhat worryingly announced that Silent Hill 2 for PlayStation 2 will sell a million copies across the world very soon. The game has sold 650,000 in the US and Japan, and European pre-orders have reached a staggering 350,000 units. Thatís a lot of scariness on a global basis.

Konami reports that the game is still selling steadily in the US and Japan, and the delectable European packaging and bonus disc has tempted an unprecedented number of horror title pre-orders.

With Silent Hill 2 selling more than its PlayStation 2 predecessor, has Konami finally broken the grip of Capcomís Resident Evil series? All those sales and the Xbox version still to come!

Silent Hill 2 for PlayStation 2 will be released in Europe on November 24th.


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