3DS Getting eShop and Internet Browser Early June

Just in time for some Summer fun.

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3DS Getting eShop and Internet Browser Early June
Ready your Nintendo 3DS consoles, as the latest system update has been announced that will finally allow access to the digital eShop application and provide StreetPassers with an internet browser to check out Dynasty Warriors GameFAQs pages.

The update will become available to Europeans from June 7, giving you plenty of time to... not enjoy these additional features until then.

Nintendo's eShop is essentially the DSiWare Shop reborn in 3DS fashion, offering a digital storefront for developers to publish downloadable content such as microgames and handheld Virtual Console titles. The internet browser is an internet browser, probably crafted in association with longtime partner Opera.

June 7. 3DS Update. Get excited.


dusty 3ds 12 May 2011 15:58
nintendo rushed the system out with ni good games took my $250 and are now giving the 3ds CRAP support and pushing everything back becouse the systems are not selling becouse they give half the players headachs. Im loyal Nintendo I bought a launch 3ds give me my MAY update.
Cfan 12 May 2011 17:49
I was already excited for the late May update.
I think you mean 'get disapointed'?

Svend Joscelyne 12 May 2011 21:31
Nintendo wants you to get excited. You... must... get... exciiiiitteeeedddd.... *hypnotic dance*
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