Hitman Absolution Announced? Absolutely

Trailer gets snakey

Posted by Staff
Hitman Absolution Announced? Absolutely
Square has popped out a new trailer for a new Hitman title. It's got snakes and mystery and the title: Hitman Absolution.

Quite how a genetically-engineered assassin can be absolved is obviously and open question. Maybe it's somebody else.

A more formal announcement is due later.



DrkStr 10 May 2011 17:42
At the 20s point, the barcode number is highlighted with "110706" in red as well as "47".

I'd say that's 6th July 2011. If that's the release date, I'm pretty happy! I loved the last few games.
Dane 10 May 2011 21:30
Is it me or is 2011 the year of the sequels that made the last few years of gaming so great. Hitman, Saints Row, Elder Scrolls, Ace Combat, Battlefield,

I hope the Hitman game still comes out in late 2011 like some people said.
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