FIFA 12 for Nintendo 3DS Announced

Simple statements are so lovely

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As the Association Football (aka Soccer) season grinds to its close with the inevitable winning of the league by one of the big three teams in the UK - okay, Manchester United - EA reveals FIFA 12 for the Nintendo 3DS.

In fact, EA Sports will "deliver the most authentic, innovative and feature-rich 3D football experience on Nintendo 3DS when the game launches this autumn."

We've dealt with the idea of the "Authentic football experience" before. It's not. The most authentic football experience is going outside and playing football. Nevertheless...

"FIFA 12 on Nintendo 3DS will feature over 500 officially licensed clubs, new touch screen controls that will change the gameplay experience, and the first ever 3D Street Football. With eight different game modes, it is the largest feature set ever developed by EA SPORTS for a hand-held football game."

It will also have, "the first-ever 3D Street Football Mode, the environment will come alive through an innovative curved pitch and unique lower camera view that maximizes 3D planes, enabling gamers to experience the depth of the field and player movement with full 3D effects.

Featuring players wearing the latest street gear, the stage will be set for epic 5 versus 5 matches in exotic street locales and indoor environments that are true to the spirit of street football. Plus, in Be A Pro Mode, fans will be able to take their created player on a journey from the streets to ultimately compete for their favourite club and national side and become the next football legend."

More details? Sure, "FIFA 12 on Nintendo 3DS will feature fully authentic 11 versus 11 gameplay, head-to-head online matches using Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, Tournament Mode with over 50 real-world competitions, a full in-depth Career Mode that enables gamers to play or manage their way to glory, 3D Street Football, Be A Pro and a Training Mode. It also features nine different camera angles to choose from for the perfect view of the pitch."

Authentic stuff.


Cfan 10 May 2011 11:09
Sounds like more RPG elements than DAII.
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