Nintendo Dates Wii Play: Motion for Europe

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Nintendo Dates Wii Play: Motion for Europe
Nintendo has confirmed that Wii Play: Motion - "a collection of 12 innovative, fun mini-games that specifically show off the special capabilities of the Wii Remote Plus" makes its European debut on 24th June 2011.

And we never thought it would get here.

Official blurb has it that, "Your personalised Mii character can be used in each of the mini-games and it may find itself in a variety of unexpected yet interesting settings. In the mini-game Wind Runner your Mii character will be sporting a pair of roller skates and carrying an umbrella. Use your Wii Remote Plus to open the umbrella which will in turn carry your Mii character along a race course. By strategically angling your Wii Remote Plus your Mii character can change direction, jump and increase speed as it makes its way to the end of the course whilst dodging obstacles in its path.

As you make your way through the 12 mini-games which have multiple game modes for added depth to gameplay, see every swing, tilt, hit and spin of your Wii Remote Plus come to life as it becomes faithfully replicated on your TV screen with exacting precision.

"From Treasure Twirl - where the Wii Remote Plus acts as a “winch” to collect deep-sea treasure, to Cone Zone – where you tilt the Wii Remote Plus in the correct position to balance ice cream within a giant waffle cone and stop it from falling, whilst extra scoops are being added –- there’s a minigame for everyone to enjoy.

"Each of the 12 mini-games included can be played in single player mode", but... "the multiple game modes of a selection of Wii Play: Motion mini-games allow for up to three other people to join in on the fun..."



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Just in time to show my motion plus controller purchase wasn't a waste of money....oh wait
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