Get one of 5,000 Lord of the Rings Online Keys + Cloak and Horse!

And many much more sithee!

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Get one of 5,000 Lord of the Rings Online Keys + Cloak and Horse!
So, you've not got into Lord of the Rings Online yet? Well, here's your chance to get your hands on a Free entry key AND some additional freebies.

SPOnG is working with Codemasters in this promotion to enable New LOTRO gamers to get into Middle Earth.

We're offering a "newbie key", which is basically a ?bonus code? that new players can redeem after completing the sign up form to enjoy a number of FREE items that they can use when playing LOTRO.

These keys are for new players only.

What about the freebies? Here's what:

War Cloak of Isildur (a cloak) ? Provides 34 Armour & +120 non-combat morale regeneration

The Guiding Star (a pocket Item) - Increases +1% Critical Hit Mod

Ring of Agility (Jewellery) Provides +3 Agility to the player?s character

Waybread of Imladris (Food) - Restores power, heals damage, and increases Morale & Power regeneration. (Stack of 10)

Bree-horse (Mount) ? Provides faster travel around Middle-earth, can be used at lower player levels

Fancy it? Do this:

Send an email to (or DM @Spongdotcom on Twitter after following us) with your email address. If you take the first option you HAVE to put "Oi, SPOnG: LOTRO Freebie Key Please" in the subject line.

We'll then send you one key.

Then you'll visit to sign up for your FREE LOTRO.

Once you're signed up, you'll head to a second page which will allow you to enter your unique codes, which will be applied to their account. The items will appear automatically in the inventory of any characters you create and can be used as soon as you enter Middle-Earth!

Of course, there are some Terms and Conditions:

- Each key is uniquely for one player only.

- Players cannot claim more than one Newbie Key.


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