GoG: Gamers Were Truly Pissed at Ubisoft and EA

DRM is not the way

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GoG: Gamers Were Truly Pissed at Ubisoft and EA
Good Old Games PR and marketing manager Lukasz Kukawski has explained why his company's games download service eschews DRM. It's because it's a bad idea.

Kukawski tells the AdventureClassicGaming site, "...we do feel like implementing DRM in games is not helping in fighting piracy. Let's take EA's Spore, which allowed you a limited number of installations or UbiSoft's Assassin's Creed 2, which forced you to stay on-line for the whole time you play the game.

"Gamers were truly pissed that they are paying $50 USD for a game they can't play as they'd like to. I'm sure those DRMs actually pulled lots of people from buying the game or made them get a pirated version."

He continued, "The worst thing is that the pirate versions of games don't have those DRMs, so users of cracked copies won't be affected by them, unlike those who buy games legally. Treating a legitimate customer like a potential criminal won't convince them to buy original copies of games."


Source: AdventureClassicGaming via MCV


Daz 7 Mar 2011 13:01
He's right you know, just look back at DVDs with all those "Piracy is theft" crap granted I'd just press stop and then hit play to skip it, but if anything it encourages piracy. I wouldn't be surprised if since the Introduction of DRM PC Piracy has gone up, sure CD keys alone don't stop piracy (though as we can see neither can anything else) but at least it doesn't put people off from buying your product like all the other useless DRM.
Jamie 9 Mar 2011 19:52
Hi - first time complainer about ubisoft - thier DRM is a joke, one minute I can happily play away on assassins creed 2 and splinter cell conviction both bought legitimatley with legitimate activation codes and now suddenley I can't play on them - we the legal buying customer have bought very expensive useless discs!
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James 9 Mar 2011 23:32
Though I'm not a fan of piracy, DRM has been too intrusive.

Sony has plans to put serial keys in PS3 games. That may be fine if they enter a four or five digit button sequence and that it can be sold as used in the future and not tied down to a system. But when it's intrusive, people will either say, screw this company, or pirate the material.

But what's clear is, you own the game you bought and have the rights to play, mod, do anything you want with the game.
Lol 14 Mar 2011 03:05
just give drm games 1 star reviews everywhere and pirate em. Well see how long they keep it up lol
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