Gears of War 3: What's on the Box?

Plus: beta news, new screens

Posted by Staff
Microsoft has let the box art for Gears of War 3 into the wild, along with some new screens.

Microsoft announced at its San Francisco press event last night that the Gears 3 multiplayer beta will be with us mid-April. It will contain three multiplayer modes and four maps. You can help choose which ones over on the Gears 3 facebook page.

On the cover art front, frankly, there's a 93% chance of you not being not surprised, but it would be remiss of us to leave it off your radar. It mostly features Marcus looking like he could club you to death with anything from a truck right down to a sock. A summer sock. It is, perhaps, just a little bit more broody than the pack shot for Gears 2.

Also in the gallery (look left) are four new Gears of War 3 multiplayer screens. Enjoy!


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