Codemasters: Real Deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq Doesn't Make a Video Game

Not drawing inspiration from Middle East uprisings either

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Codemasters: Real Deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq Doesn't Make a Video Game
We've spoken to Codemaster's executive producer in a hard-hitting interview regarding war games - Operation Flashpoint Red River obviously.

In it, executive producer Adam Parsons, told us where his company drew the line at taking inspiration for a military-based video game.

We asked, "Do you think you might use current events - like the civil unrest in Egypt and Libya - as a starting point for future Operation Flashpoint titles?

Adam thought for a while before responding, "Itís hard to say. We purposefully set out with a remit on day one to always draw from something in the future, always from something that hasnít happened. We donít really want to go there, drawing from current events. I think itís a very sensitive area - we donít need that to sell the game.

"I donít think weíd look at Egypt, for example, in three years time and make a game based on that. What weíd like to do is make a game based on what could happen somewhere else in the world.

"So, itís not really an area we want to go drawing inspiration from. I think youíve got to be incredibly sensitive about what happens. There are people losing lives in Afghanistan and Iraq and one of the guys back in the office lost her brother there, so something where itís that close to home is not something we want to do."

Full interview is here.


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