Lemmings is 20 Years Old - Gets Plaque

DMA celebrates a classic

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Lemmings is 20 Years Old - Gets Plaque
The original DMA Design offices in Dundee now have a lovely new plaque celebrating the 20th - yes, two decades - birthday of hands-down classic Lemmings.

Aside from designing the suicidal icons, DMA Design also went on to invent the psychotic characters inhabiting the original Grand Theft Auto.

According to DMA, "Games giant, Dave Jones, will be joined by industry veterans, Gary Timmons, Mike Dailly and Russell Kay, to talk to audiences about the conception of the much loved game, and unveil a plaque at the original DMA office in Dundee, which became the birthplace of Scotland?s games industry, over twenty years ago."

Some figures of a non-industry veteran nature were also rolled out:

The original Lemmings sold 55,000 copies on its first day.
It sold "over 15 million sales" in its lifetime.

Apparently, "The game is also heralded as being the predecessor of the modern real-time strategy (RTS) video game genre, for introducing the ?indirect-control? concept, an element now common in many RTS games."

Gary Timmons, co-designer and animator of Lemmings, said, ?Initially I just wanted to get the original team together again to mark the 20th anniversary of the launch of Lemmings on 14th February 1991. However, as the game is so significant to the computer games industry in Dundee, the idea snowballed into a wider set of events including talks, exhibition of Lemmings items and a commemorative ceremony to mark the location of DMA Design's first offices in the Nethergate, where it all started.?

There was also a less fluffy and nostalgic core to the plaque unveiling yesterday however, with "The event comes on the back of this week?s launch of a new report on Scotland's games industry, which gives "compelling arguments for tax relief" after a Labour government proposal for a games industry tax break was cancelled by the coalition government in June 2010."


ohms 15 Feb 2011 09:57
Has it been that long?
F**k I'm old.
Svend Joscelyne 15 Feb 2011 11:47
I'm used to the phrase "20 years ago" being applied to things in the 1980s.

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