Erotic Creeper Catherine Reveals More of its Nightmare

Time to wake up soon?

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Erotic Creeper Catherine Reveals More of its Nightmare
New details have emerged for ero-leaning Atlus title Catherine. This time we get to learn more of the game's nightmare element.

The official website update details what Vincent will encounter after he reaches the top of the stairs in nightmare gameplay sections of the game. Near where Vincent lands is the Confession Room. Entering will see Vincent answer multiple choice questions relating to his outlook on love and life. His answers will have an affect on how the game progresses as you play.

Further details explain that some of the sheep Vincent meets in his nightmares resemble the appearances of those he encounters in the conveniently named Stray Sheep Bar. Vincent could potentially help the bar's troubled patrons by remembering the words of their sheep counterparts in his nightmares, then offering suitable advice to quell their individual worries.

Catherine is due for Japanese release in mid-February. If you have nightmares from time to time, be careful of speaking to well-educated sheep as you never know.

Source: Andriasang


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