Japanese Video Game Chart: Monster Hunting Holidays

No real changes this week.

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Monster Hunter Portable 3rd continues its reign of the Japanese video game chart (3rd - 9th January 2011, courtesy Media Create), but there really wasn’t much in the way of competition this week. The Top 10 largely remains the same as the one we saw seven days ago, with AKB1/48 dropping off in favour of Pokemon Black and White.

1 Monster Hunter Portable 3rd – Capcom (PSP) – 133,562
2 Donkey Kong Country Returns – Nintendo (Wii) – 66,551
3 Wii Party – Nintendo (Wii) – 53,144
4 Pokemon Black/Pokemon White – Pokemon Company (DS) – 45,590
5 Mario Sports Mix – Nintendo (Wii) – 40,123
6 Ni no Kuni – Level-5 (DS) – 37,237
7 Gundam Musou 3 – Namco Bandai (PS3) – 30,128
8 SaGa 3 Shadow or Light – Square Enix (DS) – 27,344 / NEW
9 The 3rd Birthday – Square Enix (PSP) – 22,279
10 New Super Mario Bros. Wii – Nintendo (Wii) – 24,888

Ni no Kuni and Gundam Musou 3 also saw small jumps in the chart, but overall sales were lower across the board - likely due to everyone slinking off back to work. SaGa 3 exists as the only ‘new’ release in the Top 10, but even that’s a DS remake. New Super Mario Bros. Wii also manages to make a re-entry at #10.

The PSP is set to get a blue-and-white Monster Hunter Portable 3rd bundle, which could re-ignite sales of both the game and the Sony handheld. Not that Capcom’s beast-slaying blockbuster really needs the help to be quite honest.


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