Yoostar 2 will be 'the next Guitar Hero'

Namco Bandai to distribute.

Posted by Staff
Namco Bandai will be distributing camera-based game Yoostar 2 in Europe this Spring, and is pegging it as a spiritual successor to the Guitar Hero franchise.

VP of European business development for Yoostar, Dave Noble, once worked for Activision and Red Octane and was key in making the music game a continental success. Today he told MCV that Yoostar - which allows players to place themselves in famous TV and movie scenes - has that same pulling power.

"Spiritually this is the next Guitar Hero," Noble said. "Both games feature a similar emphasis on their social elements." Personally, we just hope that Leonard Nimoy gets to promote this like he did the first game. That would sell it to us just fine.

Using an Xbox 360 Kinect or PlayStation Move, you'll be able to plop yourself in sequences from films ranging from Casablanca and The Terminator to Kick Ass and other modern favourites. DLC is planned to extend its range. It's set for a Q1 2011 release, so if you fancy yourself as a bit of an Arnie or Nicolas Cage then keep an eye on this one.


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