Fox News Starts 'Kinect Sex Game' Kid Scaremongering

Gets it all wrong...

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Fox News Starts 'Kinect Sex Game' Kid Scaremongering
El Paso's Local Fox News outlet, KFox14, has managed to drag both "five-year-old Edwin Valverde" and his mother and grandfather into a scare story regarding adult company, ThriXXX's "Kinect sex game."

Bear in mind that even Thrixx calls the game (see video below), XXXLab, a "tech demo". While the game does indeed use the Kinect controller, it's banned for sale to under-18s, it has to be ported from PC to a modded Xbox, and Microsoft has not given permission for its use.

This hasn't stopped the ever vigilant Fox News from quoting young Edwin's concerned mother Angelica from stating Kinec is "inappropriate, especially when these games are geared towards younger children.

"You see the commercials on the Disney channel on Nickelodeon of course they're going to want them."

Yes, Angelica apparently believes that XXXLab will be advertised on the Disney Channel.

But the coverage gets even more laughable with the entrance of Edwin's grandfather, Martin, "who purchased the Kinect, nervously laughed as he watched a preview for the new adult game."

We then leave quietly with Angelica stating - with all the certainty that comes from zero knowledge, "Anybody can get on-line with the XBOX360. It's a possibility he could be able to buy it without me actually knowing.

No, Angelica it is not possible for your 5-year-old to purchase an unpurchaseble game without you knowing about it. And if it was, then he''d probably be capable or ordering his own real-life hooker.

Read the utter nonsense in full here.


Jonah Falcon 31 Dec 2010 17:21
Good article, but seriously, use a spellchecker.
Not Fox News 31 Dec 2010 22:57
KFOX in El Paso is a Fox TV affiliate owned by Cox Enterprises. Despite being a Fox TV affiliate their news organization is associated with CNN.

Yes, this is bad reporting coming out of a local TV station though regardless of who it is affiliated with.
Ryan550 2 Jan 2011 00:10
This is called Advertising... Microsoft wants kinect in the minds of gamers and the very idea of a kinect sex game will do this unfortuently and since it is ported to a modded xbox 360 (of course?) it has nothing to do with microsoft and they dont even have to be the one's who made the tech demo in the first place as they only have to get the plan to fall into place.

Im sure Fox news enjoyed the money they received from microsoft because they have done this before (Mass effect 1 anyone?) Fox may have zero credibility but they are not stupid.. they know that nobody with half a brain even takes them seriously anymore..
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