Codemasters Sues NetDevil over Jumpgate Evolution

Wants its money back.

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Codemasters Sues NetDevil over Jumpgate Evolution
Codemasters is taking Colorado-based studio NetDevil to court over claims that it has missed crucial development milestones and breached various contract agreements regarding upcoming MMO, Jumpgate Evolution.

The publisher has revealed on its community website that, after a long wait without an update on the game's progress, it has taken legal action against the developer and its parent company Gazillion.

Codies claim that it paid NetDevil almost $1.1 million to support Jumpgate Evolution's development, along with $400,000 or so to help with art assets. In return, the game was to be completed and shipped by the 24th February 2009. That obviously hasn't happened.

As it was the European distributor of Jumpgate Evolution, Codemasters also spent money on servers, websites, marketing and community teams - an expense it wants compensation for, along with its own internal development costs.

NetDevil declined to comment on the situation. Were you looking forward to Jumpgate Evolution? Let us know in the comments section below.

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