Jon Hare Remakes Speedball 2 for iPhone - Video!

Is there a doctor in the house?

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Jon Hare Remakes Speedball 2 for iPhone - Video!
Sensible Software founder Jon Hare has remade the Bitmap Brothers classic Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe for the iPhone and other mobile devices.

Development has already finished, with Hare revealing that the game will be released on PSP Minis, iOS, Android and Samsung Bada early next year. But there were concerns that the update, titled Speedball 2: Evolution, will be a significant hit on the Apple store.

"For every Angry Birds game hitting the market, another 999 are vanishing in the void. This is not the kind of odds with which you want to be gambling your family's house or the contents of your under-performing savings account. 999/1 odds are OK for youngsters with nothing to lose, but not for people who are a bit older, and with a bit more to risk." Hare said.

He added that Speedball 2: Evolution, while "a truly excellent version of a classic old game on modern technology," might be swamped by other iPhone games due to the series only being popular in Europe. "These days it seems that making great games is the easy part; it is generating enough publicity and getting consumers to put their hand in their pocket for something that is not mainstream that is the challenge."

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config 3 Dec 2010 13:01
Question 1: will the PSP Minis game work also on PS3?
Question 2: Mr Hare, have wrangled back the right to Wizball? That would be an uber awesome remake. Speshly with Move/Wii controls for Catellite, or online co-op!
Dreadknux 3 Dec 2010 13:54
Minis work on PS3s as well as PSPs I believe. Sony made all Minis compatible with PS3s not too long ago, IIRC. Probably won't look as nice as a natively developed version, but hey big-screen Speedball 2 - I'm not complaining.
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