Pay For Donkey Kong Country Returns in Bananas

You gotta be fast, though.

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Pay For Donkey Kong Country Returns in Bananas
Can't afford the pretty sublime Donkey Kong Country Returns when it launches on Friday? Nintendo is being rather charitable, and in understanding these dark economic times is offering the first copies of the game for bananas.

No, that's not a really bad twist on a 'peanuts' pun or anything. Bananas. If you're one of the first 20 people in line at GAME in Oxford Street, GAME in Merry Hill Dudley or GameStation in Hull's Prospect Centre then you can pay for the Wii platformer with a bunch of DK's favourite fruit.

Considering the game's got an RRP of 44.99, and a bunch of loose bananas is 55p in Tesco, that's quite a saving. We're not sure if gone-off bananas count as legal tender - the cashiers might look at you as if you just gave them a nasty look or a Scottish bank note - so remember to buy fresh!

The two GAME stores open on Friday at 9am, while the GameStation in Hull opens at 8am. If you plan on getting the game for free/bananas, knowing is half the battle. Hey, you're welcome.


Cynic 1 Dec 2010 14:25
Yeah, thanks a bunch!
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