Japanese Video Game Chart: Tactics Ogre Beats Up Dragon Ball

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Japanese Video Game Chart: Tactics Ogre Beats Up Dragon Ball
With a new Tactics Ogre game, Square Enix has once more claimed the top spot of the Japanese Video Game Chart (8th - 14th November 2010). Featuring card-based battles with lots of saucy-looking RPG heroes in skimpy clothing, it’s no wonder it shot to the top in its debut week really.

1 Tactics Ogre – Square Enix (PSP) – 176,153 / NEW
2 Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2 – Namco Bandai (PS3) – 47,610 / NEW
3 Super Mario Collection Special Pack – Nintendo (Wii) – 43,621
4 Pokemon Black/Pokemon White – Pokemon Company (DS) – 42,279
5 Tongari Boushi to Mahou no Otana – Konami (DS) – 40,208 / NEW
6 God Eater Burst – Namco Bandai (PSP) – 31,372
7 Winning Eleven 2011 – Konami (PS3) – 30,353
8 Wii Party – Nintendo (Wii) – 17,471
9 Wii Sports Resort (Wii Remote Plus Pack) – Nintendo (Wii) – 14,438
10 Kirby’s Epic Yarn – Nintendo (Wii) – 13,896

Nintendo practically dominates the Top 10 this week, with first-party titles (including Pokemon) making up for half of the chart and Konami’s Tongari Boushi to Mahou no Otana on DS adding to the platform’s rep.

Wii Sports Resort makes a re-entry to the Top 10 thanks to a brand new bundle pack that contains an updated Wii Remote Plus controller (a standard-size Wii Remote with the MotionPlus technology packed inside), while there’s a lot of love for the company mascot as the Super Mario All-Stars re-release is still riding high in the chart.

Chart via 4gamer.


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