The Last Story Goes Online with Six-Player Co-Op

Will have six player cooperative play

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The Last Story Goes Online with Six-Player Co-Op
This week's issue of Japanese comic anthology, Shounen Jump, has confirmed Mistwalker's, The Last Story, is due to include option for multiplayer.

Players will be able to access the multiplayer which will allow for six player cooperative play via the in-game "Raid Lobby" as well as competitive play between players as they select their favourite character to duel with on the battlefield. The cooperative play will allow players to take on powerful beast a-la the Monster Hunter series of games.

The game will also allow players to dress the in-game characters up in a variety of costumes as well as change their weapons and equipment. There will also be a "paint" option that will allow players to colour their character's armour as they please. The update also introduces a new character who will play a major in the story that goes by the name of General Trista, a knight who was a former high ranking officer of the imperial army in the game. He travels the world in search of a connection between the game's war and the destruction that the imperial main land has experienced as a result.

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