Become an Advanced Chess Master

Portable chess is better than reading a 'rook'.

Posted by Staff
Developer and publisher Titus has just announced that it is releasing Virtual Kasparov on the Game Boy Advance. This is the first chess simulation to be available on Nintendo?s portable platform.

The 32-bit processor of the Advance allows for a sophisticated and complex chess engine. This means that Virtual Kasparov can deliver an incredibly realistic and challenging style of play.

Difficulty settings are adjustable from beginner to Grand Master and 50 tutorials are available to help improve your game. There are over 31 virtual opponents to test your skill, each with their own unique playing style.

A story mode injects a bit of life into the single-player game. Players can unlock bonuses such as new opponents, areas and games.

A two-player link-up mode is supported, only one cartridge is required for play.

Virtual Kasparov will be available in January 2002, priced at 24.99


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