SEGA Expands HD Dreamcast Updates

Go fish.

Posted by Staff
SEGA is continuing its HD update of select Dreamcast classics, by announcing the release of Sega Bass Fishing and Space Channel 5 Part 2 for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.

Like Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi before them, the two titles will be remastered for the HD generation. It seems that Space Channel 5 Part 2 in particular will be upscaled to fit widescreen TVs, which means no borders on the side of the screen. Yay.

For those who were clearly not enticed by Sega's sexy white box back in 1999, Space Channel 5 Part 2 sees intergalactic news reporter Ulala overcome alien threats and conspiracies by dancing sensually at them. It features 'Space Michael' Jackson too. It's a brilliant rhythm game. SEGA Bass Fishing, on the other hand, is what you'd expect it to be - an arcade fishing game.

Both games are set for an "early 2011" release.


gingineer 20 Oct 2010 11:50
of all the dreamcast games i want Rez for the PSN!!
@caio_batista 20 Oct 2010 14:45
OMG!!!!! (in a trance) SPACE CHANNEL 5 Part2! x}}}}}}
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Fokker 20 Oct 2010 14:49
All we need now is a HD Powerstone release!
PaulRayment 20 Oct 2010 15:00
Wonder what the chances would be of Virtua Fighter 2 coming to XBLA. Not much to do with this story, jus' sayin'.
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