Jaffe: Bayonetta Blows the Doors Off God Of War

Jaffe calls it like it is.

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Jaffe: Bayonetta Blows the Doors Off God Of War
Following a rant regarding the rant from 'EA Louse', the disgruntled, soon-to-be redundant EA and Bioware Mythic employee, David Jaffe has pointed out some home truths regarding his own games.

Responding to a commenter called Matthew Emirzian who had pointed out that, "...to this day God of War series is mired in clunky, poorly automated combat (dodge on the right analog stick lol) and anyone with a clue considers Bayonetta, Devil May Cry, or Ninja Gaiden to have far superior controls and combat mechanics," Jaffe takes up the slack.

"Matheww, you miss the point", he says. "We were not trying to go head to head with those games. ANYONE can see the pure technique involved in those games- or games like Bayonetta- blows the doors off GOD OF WAR. They are SUPPOSED to! In GOD OF WAR our goal was to get the player to feel like they were on an adventure that was easy to play, had cool scenarios, puzzles, platforming,etc.

"The goal was NEVER to be some amazing combat simulator. Your reaction proves my point: you may not LIKE GOD OF WAR but you don't even stop to think that perhaps there are other goals and ways of doing things, not JUST the ones you like.

"And if you look at the GOD OF WAR sales compared to those games you mention, clearly- at least from a sales standpoint- we did something right"

Catch up with the whole EA Louse vs the World here. Keep up with David Jaffe's always readable blog here.


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