Black Ops Ds Developer "Down, But Definitely Not Out."

N-Space Takes employees back into company as development picks up

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Black Ops Ds Developer "Down, But Definitely Not Out."
Dan O'Leary, the co-founder of Florida-based developer n-Space which has been working on Call of Duty: Black Ops on the DS among other titles, has commented on his own blog regarding recent lay-offs.

The blog post details how O'Leary and his fellow executives had been supporting 70-90 employees without additional funding and so the lay-offs in the company last Friday were an unavoidable measure.

His post does become more positive and explains about current negotiations the developer is going through regarding a few deals in the works and that "If all goes as planned we?ll be calling people back before the end of the week."

Hopefully n-Space can get back to normal soon and highly qualified individuals can return to their roles at the company once more.

Source: Dan O'Leary's blog post


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