Force Unleashed 3 May Still Be Unleashed

Is currently being 'figured out'

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Force Unleashed 3 May Still Be Unleashed
The project lead on Star Wars title The Force Unleashed 2, Julio Torres, has laid to rest rumours that a third in the franchise had been cancelled.

Torres recently explained to magazine SciFiNow when quizzed on whether the game's protagonist, Starkiller, would be seeing any more outings after The Force Unleashed 2 that although he could not say how the game ends for fear of not wanting to spoil the game for eager fans, he did say that:

"No matter how the game ends for Starkiller and Vader for TFU II, we still have some time to figure out how we solidify the canon so that everything makes sense for IV."

"Obviously, if that were to be exposed, it would most likely be a TFU III. I?m just afraid I can?t share what that could be yet because we?re still figuring it out."

We had previously reported back in August that the franchise was due to be cancelled following the appointment of new president of LucasArts Paul Meegan but why any company would can a massively popular franchise in the height of its popularity would be anyone's guess.

Fingers crossed this means The Force Unleashed 3 is back on!

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lee brandin detroy 13 Oct 2010 20:58
i like force unleashed 3 to be for xbox 360 and ps3 on december 31st 2010,
please let force unleashed 3 the game be in stores , please don't cancel it, says, brandin lee detroy,.. from mesquite,
lee brandin detroy 13 Oct 2010 21:01
2/2 please do not cancel force unleashed 3
the game for ps3 and 360,... i want the game when it comes by december 31st 2010,..
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