Prince of Persia Trilogy goes 3D

Re-release sees HD touch-up, 3D support and cheaper RRP

Posted by Staff
Prince of Persia Trilogy goes 3D
Ubisoft has confirmed that it is due to re-release the Prince of Persiatitles from the PS2 and Xbox days in one package, named Prince of Persia 3D Trilogy.

The titles in the collection include The Sands of Time, Warrior Within and The Two Thrones. They will receive a HD makeover allowing players to play some of the prince's former outings in 720p as well as supporting this generation's big push, 3D.

The Trilogy will be released in the UK on November 19th, will retail for 29.99 on the PS3 and is only planned for a European release at the moment.

Be sure to check SPOnG when we get our hands on a copy to see what the 3D looks like. Wonder what happens when time goes back in 3D. Any thoughts? Post them below.


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