Free Quake Live Premium Access Until Sunday

Clans! Maps! Freeze Tag! Free!

Posted by Staff
Free Quake Live Premium Access Until Sunday
id Software has announced that Premium subscription benefits for its browser-based multiplayer fragfest, Quake Live, will be free for all players until Sunday 26th September.

For the uninitiated, Quake Live is essentially Quake III Arena, but with a freemium vibe and some additional tweaks. Simply playing the game is free, but you can buy a membership for a few coins and get some bonus features.

Premium allows players to access 20 additional maps, unlocks Freeze Tag mode, level awards, the ability to create and join a clan and have a six-month match statistics history.

Those who buy a Premium ($1.99/month) or Pro ($3.99/month) subscription gets an extra month of subscription access free as well. Pro gives you the above but with the added bonuses of personal game servers, premium map invites, and extended statistics and clan features.

Interested? Better get involved now, then.


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