Square Enix's Nomura Confirms New Game TGS Unveil

Nomura confirms mystery game playable at TGS

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Square Enix's Nomura Confirms New Game TGS Unveil
Tetsuya Nomura - of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts fame - has confirmed today on his Twitter account that an as yet unannounced title he and his team have in the works will be presented at this year's Tokyo Games Show. Even better is that it will be in playable form.

The mystery title will join upcoming games Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded and The 3rd Birthday.

Nomura also confirmed that the mystery title will receive an announcement before TGS gets under way on the 16th of this month. Any ideas what the title could be?



Rufos 8 Sep 2010 11:12
Final Fantasy VII remake!!
Daz 8 Sep 2010 20:39

that would proper kick arse, though I doubt it.
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