Metal Gear Solid Rising Honours No-Kill Tradition

Can complete the game without harming human enemies, if you like.

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Metal Gear Solid Rising Honours No-Kill Tradition
You might have noticed that Metal Gear Solid: Rising showcases a very different kind of gameplay to the usual silent, stealthy approach that Solid Snake is famous for. Producer Shigenobu Matsuyama said that this is intentional, with an aim to change and expand the series.

Matsuyama explained to Kotaku that he hopes to create two distinct 'lines' of Metal Gear Solid experiences - the traditional Tactical Espionage Action that creator Hideo Kojima established, and the more high-speed hack'n slash action that Rising offers. It's all about making the series "easier to understand for first-time users," apparently.

Some key Metal Gear Solid elements will remain though - namely, the ability to complete the entire game without actually killing anyone. "I believe that MGS has a key stealth element in not trying to kill anyone. You could actually have a no-kill completion [in Rising].

"There will be a lot of mechs and cyborgs, but if you slice them up, that will be considered as a no-kill as well. You'll have the freedom of killing humans, of course, but you can proceed through the game without killing a human being, but slicing up mechs and cyborgs," Matsuyama said. OK, so you can play through the game without killing humans but that's not really the same, is it?

The producer added that he wants to instil "the essence of the beauty of the no-kill" into the game. "I want to emphasize that I will never reward a player for killing human beings in the game. I won't make it easier to clear the game [that way]. I will probably make it more difficult."


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