TV tuner for Game Boy Advance, First Look

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Posted by Staff
TV tuner for Game Boy Advance, First Look
You may remember that way back in May, we were astute enough to bring you the world exclusive news that Kemco had plans for a TV tuner for Game Boy Advance.

Well, guess what? The rest of the world found out today. Aren?t you the lucky ones!

The TV Boy (working title) will enable the user to pick up TV signals that can then be viewed on the Game Boy Advance screen. TV Boy also features all the requisite connections for video recorders and cameras, and Nintendo?s GameCube too. It?s an old but good idea that was first employed by NEC on its terrific PC Engine GT and Sega on the GameGear.

Kemco is currently developing PAL and NTSC versions of TV Boy, and the gadget is due for release next Summer.


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