Naughty Bear Gets Free DLC Episode

Superhero teddy bears, go!

Posted by Staff
Naughty Bear Gets Free DLC Episode
If you go into the woods today, you might find a nice surprise. Owners of 505 Games' Naughty Bear have been given a free downloadable episode in the form of "Level 8." It can be downloaded now from Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.

The extra stage features the masochistic teddy bears in awe of some superheroes known as the X-Bears. Bubbles, a devoted fan, tries to make up for the fact that he has no powers of his own by going postal with an Uzi. Lovely fairy tale times, then.

You also get some new costumes, hats, weapons and challenges to accomplish with the free add-on too, so if you've completed the rather riotous adventure game already, you'd do well to pick this up.


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