Colin McRae 3 first images

Rally heaven first peek!

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Codemasters and Rocket Media have released the first images from the latest version of Colin McRae Rally for the PlayStation 2.

The original Colin McRae game for PlayStation, released in 1998, upped the expectations of the gaming world. The rally games that preceded it were poor attempts to emulate rallying. Codemasters managed to simulate it.

"We're aiming for a very personal experience," Rick Nath, Associate Producer "The previous games were all about the cars and the tracks. We want the player to really connect with the feeling of being McRae, not the car, and work with co-driver Nicky Grist, and the Ford team as a whole."

The Codemasters team is rightly making big noises about the game?s damage engine. The earlier games from the Codies team showcased damage in realistic form for the first time. Colin 3 promises ?an enhanced damage engine will result in a totally destructible car - panels can be ripped off and punctured as well as dented.?

"The high degree of realism in Colin McRae Rally reflects the unprecedented access that Codemasters has to the Ford World Rally Team,? says Martin Whitaker, Director of Ford Racing. ?The experience for players will be closer in every respect to that of Colin McRae when he's competing for Ford in a World Championship event."

"There's two key elements to our vision for Colin McRae Rally,? said Head of Studio, Guy Wilday. ?To continue our heritage of delivering the very best exhilarating racing gameplay and to create a more immersive rally experience that players can feel a part of. With these aims we are confident of bringing something new to the game's genre and moving the benchmark of 'best rally game' even higher."

The shots that we have been provided with are not in-game, which is a shame. Codemasters assures us that this is so we get to see the game in its fullest glory. First impressions count you know! The screens are taken from the CG intro movie.

This has to be at the top of our hotly-anticipated games list. It is due out at some point next year, probably Spring. We will bring you more, including the first screenshots from the game, as soon as we can.


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