007 Blood Stone - Lots of Villains

But not the old school type

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007 Blood Stone - Lots of Villains
Neil Thompson, art director at Bizarre Creations on the upcoming James Bond 007: Blood Stone game has hinted to SPOnG that you're likely to come across more than a single Bond Villain in the new game.

"Well this was led by the Feirstein script, so it very much follows the Daniel Craig generation of Bond villains. I don't think our villains are quite as outrageous as the older films - they're not the larger than life, Goldfinger-type characters you'd have in days of yore, they're far more contemporary. And there's plenty of them too, which makes for an interesting experience," he told us in the an interview you can read today.

When pressed on the matter of the multiple baddies, it must be said that he baulked at going into detail, telling us, "Ah, you see that would be giving away the plot and I can't do that (laughs)! You've got to play the game to find out."

Full interview over here.


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