FIFA 11 Dated: Now You Can Kick Wayne Rooney's Ass

Get the over-paid freaks to do some work

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The lads were tied and there was too much pressure and... oh, I can't be bothered.
The lads were tied and there was too much pressure and... oh, I can't be bothered.
EA Sports has confirmed that you will be able to sign exciting, skilful and talented players such as Bastian Schweinsteiger and David Villa to your new FIFA 11 team when the game launches on September 28th in North America and October 1st in Europe and Asia.

Of course, for comedy effect you could also sign Wayne Rooney, Steve Gerrard and Frank Lampard...

We're also made aware of the fact that "Fans will be able to share their created players and teams with friends and download into their console to play online, in Tournaments and in Kick-Off matches in FIFA 11. In addition, fans can choose player attributes and manage their created team’s formations and tactics right from the web. Creation Centre will launch when FIFA 11 is available in stores on Sept. 28 in North America and Oct. 1 in Europe and Asia."

“Having the ability to customize content in FIFA 11 to the degree where you are creating players and teams, choosing player attributes and managing team tactics effortlessly from the web opens up a world of possibilities of original content that fans will be able to create,” said David Rutter, Producer of FIFA 11 on Xbox 360 and PS3.

"Also new this year in FIFA 11 is Custom Audio, which enables fans to assign chants for every team and league in the game. Fans can set their home club’s chants to play during player introductions, halftime, and after goals – even hearing their name echo in the stands of Old Trafford or San Siro with created chants for their Virtual Pro. Plus, fans now have the ability to play music from their hard drive in game."


John 6 Sep 2010 19:42
Wayne Rooney is a good you're dumb.
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