GameCube Dies Hard

John McClane returns for another pop at terrorism.

Posted by Staff
UK developer Bits Studios has jumped into bed with Vivendi Universal Interactive Publishing to produce the first next-generation Die Hard game for GameCube. Woo-hoo and Yippie Ky-Yay!

The new game is said to be a first-person shooter (FPS) and unlike any of its PlayStation and PC predecessors. Also, where previous Die Hard titles featured events and locations from the movies, Die Hard GameCube (working title) will boast a completely new storyline. But fans can rejoice as several well-known locations from the films will be revisited, including the Nakatomi Plaza building from the first film.

Die Hard GameCube will play host to some stunning visuals courtesy of Nintendo?s new hardware, as well as a variety of gameplay elements, including stealth, combat, puzzle and platform.

Bits Studios was evidently pleased with the new deal. "We are delighted to have completed this deal with Vivendi Universal Interactive Publishing International," says Foo Katan, Managing Director and CEO of Bits Studios. "With a title as important as Die Hard, it was important that we picked a partner with the necessary muscle to do the game justice ? and VUIPI is just the company. Die Hard Game Cube will really push the first-person action adventure genre into new ground. With VUIPI on board, we aim to set new standards by which all others will be judged ? both critically and commercially.

Under license from Fox Interactive, the game is currently in development only for GameCube, but with the console wars hotting up, releases on PlayStation 2 and Xbox are looking increasingly likely.

Die Hard GameCube is scheduled for a 2002 release in Europe. Further information and screenshots will be released shortly. Watch this space.


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