Confused About the Follow-Up to Prince Naseem Boxing? You Will Be?

Heavyweight sequel to feature ear-nibbling rotweiler-type, and this time on GBA.

Posted by Staff
Ubi Soft and Bolton-based developer Virtucraft have confirmed the official sequel to the Game Boy Color?s Prince Naseem Boxing as Mike Tyson Boxing on the Game Boy Advance. MTB will feature all the action and speed of the Game Boy Color game but with greatly improved graphics, sound and logic. In common with its predecessor, Mike Tyson Boxing will feature the same in-depth training regime that allows players to guide their boxer up the world rankings, as well as the fast-paced and easy to control arcade punch-up that made the Game Boy Color version so impressive.

The extra power of the Game Boy Advance allows Virtucraft to produce an even more realistic, visually impressive viewpoint to the game. Animations and background graphics are now far richer and smoother, and the sound effects and speech have been enhanced to make the experience of bone-crunching punches even more realistic.

MTB features 90 different fighters, including 10 hidden characters, 16 different rotating boxing rings, three levels of difficulty, and with the assistance of a link cable, a one-on-one fighting mode.


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