Ubisoft Goes Live Action Driver '1999' - Vid

Something about back in the day...

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Ubisoft Goes Live Action Driver '1999' - Vid
Who says old stuff isn't as good as new stuff? Lots of people. Well, that's their opinion. However, we loved the original Driver once we'd managed to get out of the training stage in the carpark. So, this new Ubisoft video made us nostalgic and excited.

Sitting up on a website called Driver 1999 is a countdown clock and a PEGI 12 rating... and a video. The very video that you can see below.

Anybody saying "Oh, well, they've run out of ideas then" can probably shut up.



deleted 8 Jun 2010 13:19
everthing was like it was from the original game hee hee!! I too loved the original spong and i did like the car park training too!
Rod Todd 9 Jun 2010 09:02
I was sure that people said that NEW stuff was not as good as old stuff. Grown ups are forever telling us that this was all fields (as if THAT was a good thing) and that music, movies and drugs (especially DRUGS) were MUCH BETTER in their day.

Obv, that's EXACTLY what I say to younger people, but then youth is wasted on them.

Dr1ver was superb. Remaking it exactly as it was but with even more lovely graphics (and maybe some newer, bigger missions) would be totally righteous. Much better than developing the risible Driv0r and paying Future Publishing bucketloads of cash to pretend that it was good.
MasseyAnne 4 Feb 2012 19:26
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