Unreal weaponry shambles finally resolved

Confusion Stateside as PR dept makes change to Unreal 2, much to the annoyance of developers

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Unreal weaponry shambles finally resolved
Unreal and its massively multiplayer follow up Unreal Tournament are two of the most successful PC games in recent years, delivering a unique balance in first-person shooter gaming.

There has been a bit of confusion regarding the weaponry that will be included in the latest in the series, imaginatively named Unreal 2.

It all started when series producer Mike Verdu gave an interview in which he stated that the Flak Cannon and the ASMD Shock Rifle, two of the weapons most loved by Unreal players, would not be included in the PC and Xbox follow up.

Following masses of complaints from Unreal’s legions of diehard fans, Infogrames PR cracked. In a statement issued by American PR chief Matt Frary, it seemed the company had over-ruled the developers. “Unreal fans asked for it, now they got it. Based on popular demand, the ASMD Shock Rifle and Flak Cannon have been integrated into Unreal 2. This brings the total number of weapons in the game to 17.” At this point everyone was happy. Except the developers who were furious.

“Without trying to throw a slam at our PR people or anything,” said lead designer Chris Hargrove. “I'll merely say that Frary should have consulted us before making his statement. The ASMD/Flak issues were in discussion between Legend, Epic, and Infogrames well before the topic was even brought up here on these forums.”

So where are we up to now? Infogrames US PR team has released a statement detailing the weaponry issue and it would appear that both disputed weapons will appear in the final version of Unreal 2.

Play nicely children!

Unreal 2 is scheduled to release early next year.


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