Rumour: Epic Mickey Revamped Prepped For E3

It just didn't look like the artwork, man.

Posted by Staff
Rumour: Epic Mickey Revamped Prepped For E3
Rumours are starting to fly that Epic Mickey has had something of a graphical overhaul, and will be shown at E3 in a "revamped" state.

According to the whispers, originating from fansite Kingdom Hearts Island, the changes have been made in order to better reflect what was being presented in the fantastic artwork renders we saw of the game.

Word has it that coverage on Epic Mickey was pulled back to implement these changes - which began when a number of complaints were heard concerning the graphical difference between the game and the artwork.

We last saw Epic Mickey in November. A lot of development time has passed since our preview and today, with nary a peep from Warren Spector or Disney on the project inbetween. That must mean something's up, right?

Either way, we might be able to see it at E3 - we'll have our man on the floor ready for action, so you can be sure to stick with us to get to the bottom of this conundrum! To the Mystery Machine!


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