Fallout: New Vegas To Feature Series Mainstays

Huge war between New California Republic and Caesar's Legion.

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Fallout: New Vegas To Feature Series Mainstays
An upcoming issue of German magazine GameStar includes an eight-page preview of Fallout: New Vegas, with new information and screenshots that might just get traditional fans of the post-apocalyptic series salivating.

Take the re-introduction of the New California Republic for instance, which is barely surviving a war with Caesar's Legion, a merciless slaving organisation that dominates New Vegas. The forces at NCR have lost contact with the West, are undersupplied and demoralised. And on top of that, they have had to fend off the Brotherhood of Steel at Hoover Dam. It's not going well for them.

The Vault numbers continue in this sequel, with Vault 21 residing underneath the subdued lights and jazz of the New Vegas overworld. A new monster will be roaming the wasteland called Cacadores - described as boatflies with colourful and shiny wings.

Some tweaking to the Fallout 3 RPG system has been revealed as well, with big and small weapon skills streamlined into one, and explosive ammo weapons (such as the Rocket Launcher or FatMan) moved into the Explosives category. Collectible objects that improve your base stats will be available in Fallout: New Vegas as well - in Fallout 3 these took the form of Bobbleheads, but it is not known what they will be in New Vegas.

More info on this game as we get it.

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