Rebellion's Derby Office Faces Alleged Liquidation

Studio also being accused of not providing redundancy pay.

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Rebellion's Derby Office Faces Alleged Liquidation
The Derby office of Aliens Vs. Predator developer Rebellion is facing liquidation and is allegedly refusing to pay employees wages or redundancy pay, according to unconfirmed sources at Develop.

'Numerous' sources told the industry website that remaining staff at Derby was sent home, without their April paycheques. With the apparent fear of liquidation, staff fear that they may never see their owed money.

A separate claim, by an alleged wife of an ex-employee, has said that "Rebellion are claiming ?financial difficulties? as the reason for non-payment of wages and redundancy packages, but this has all been done verbally, over the phone, and are refusing to send anything out in writing... it looks like they will be putting the studio into liquidation in order to get out of paying the packages that they have agreed."

Rebellion Derby was reportedly closed in March, following a period of uncertainty where founders Jason and Chris Kingsley had been seeking potential buyers for the site. In the same period several staff from the company's Oxford headquarters were also made redundant.


Nuketime201 11 May 2010 18:22
Awful game, I want a refund! NO CHANCE NOW!
This game was a huge insult to both franchises. Good riddance Rebellion, sorry to the staff.. the vision was there but someone high up obviously sped this game through production and ruined things for everyone involved. :C
Andy P 14 May 2010 10:52
Rebellion management are evil. Pretending their staff work for a subsidiary so they can't be paid (despite knowingly making them work for a month with no intention of paying for it), while they roll around in big piles of money, is pure evil and there's no other word for it.

Unfortunately that's Rebellion management all over. Nothing new there.
Paul Green 26 May 2010 17:20
There are always two sides to this sort of thing.. No one ever says I had a great job, well paid for many years before things went wrong ! But then, why would they
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