Itagaki Gets Best Wishes from Employer He Sued

Valhalla Game Studios is welcomed, Viking-style.

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Itagaki Gets Best Wishes from Employer He Sued
You might remember that Tomonobu Itagaki, proud director of the Dead or Alive and recent Ninja Gaiden games, left Tecmo with a bit of bad blood. Something about not being paid royalties and whatnot. Now he's formed Valhalla Game Studios, and the new chairman of Koei Tecmo seems eager to patch things up.

On the official Valhalla studio website lies a page listing a bunch of congratulatory messages from industry figureheads. One of these messages is from Kakihara Yasuharu, chairman of Koei Tecmo Holdings. It reads, "Congratulations on establishing a new company. I wish your company’s future prospects will be prosperous."

Isn't that sweet? Perhaps this is the start of a brand new relationship, given that former Tecmo president Yoshimi Yasuda is no longer in the picture.


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