Dragon Quest to Hit PlayStation in the States

Enix RPGs get Stateside release... in English!

Posted by Staff
Following the success of the first three Dragon Quest games in the United States, software house Enix has announced Dragon Quest IV will get a US PlayStation re-release sometime next year. The game will be renamed Dragon Warrior IV to suit western tastes. Dragon Quest VII, also renamed Dragon Warrior VII, is also to get a Stateside release before Christmas this year, and will arrive earlier than Dragon Warrior IV.

Dragon Warrior IV, originally an 8-bit Famicom game, will no doubt receive a major overhaul. New gameplay elements and 3D graphics are in the pipeline, as well as a new translation. But as usual, a UK launch has not been mentioned.

Dragon Quest VII was a phenomenal success in Japan, giving Final Fantasy a run for its money. The game wasn’t as graphically accomplished as its Squaresoft counterpart, but its pseudo 3D graphics and intellectual gameplay outweighed any bad points.

Hopefully, with complete English language versions to be available, Enix will consider the possibility of releasing the console elsewhere. The UK, perhaps?

We’ll bring more news as we get it.


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