Nintendo's Court Case Saves $21 Million Controller Costs

Microsoft apparently loses out.

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Nintendo's Court Case Saves $21 Million Controller Costs
A few years ago, a company called Anascape took Nintendo and Microsoft to court in a case regarding a US patent and that, in Nintendo's case, related to patented technology used in a variety of controllers. Microsoft settled out of court. Nintendo appealed the ruling handed down against it, along with a fine of $21 million.

According to a recent press release, Nintendo's ground-standing has paid off.

"Nintendo had been accused by Anascape, Ltd., of infringing on U.S. Patent No. 6,906,700. The case was tried before a jury in the Eastern District of Texas in May 2008. The jury found that neither the motion-sensing Wii Remote controller, nor the Nunchuk controller, infringes on the patent.

However, the jury found that the Classic Controller for the Wii console, and the WaveBird and standard controllers for Nintendo GameCube did infringe on the patent. Today’s decision, however, completely reversed the jury’s findings of infringement."

Well, it doesn't completely reverse the findings. If it did, then the Wii Remote and the Nunchuk did infringe. The recent over-turning of the original case in fact says that no Nintendo controllers infringed.

“In 2008, the jury determined that the Wii Remote and Nunchuk did not infringe,” said Nintendo of America General Counsel Rick Flamm. "Today the Federal Circuit’s ruling confirmed that none of Nintendo’s controllers infringe. We appreciate that our position has been vindicated."


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