Sega confirms Sonic for GameCube

Nintendo confident of supremacy over Sega’s finest as Sonic hits the GameCube

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Dreamcast Earl? No way dude!
Dreamcast Earl? No way dude!
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It has been reported that Sega of Japan’s Sonic Team has announced that it will be debuting Sonic the Hedgehog for GameCube at next week’s SpaceWorld show.

In a surprising move, Nintendo seem prepared to run the risk of being upstaged at its own event by the blue spikey one, coming in the form of an upgraded version of the excellent Sonic Adventure 2.

Though not an all-new game, it is sugested that the GameCube version of Sonic 2 will have many new features, especially a whole host of multiplayer, Mario Party style mini-games.

We will bring you full SpaceWorld coverage as it happens.


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