Def Jam Rapstar to Hit This Autumn

Rapper's Delight.

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Def Jam Rapstar to Hit This Autumn
Cover your ears, the Def Jam brand is crossing Singstar territory. Budding MCs will be able to rap their hearts out in 'Def Jam Rapstar,' a Konami-published title that aims to expand on the company's rhythm-action portfolio.

Co-developed by 4mm Games, Terminal Reality and Def Jam Interactive, the game will feature 40 tracks from artists such as Kanye West, T.I., Young Jeezy and Dr. Dre. Alongside single-player and multi-player modes, there will be the ability to record your performance on an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 camera and upload it to a social network.

Kevin Liles, the president and CEO of Def Jam Enterprises, told MTV how Rapstar will differ from other singing games; "I think the game is all about hip-hop." Er, OK. "It's all about you and it's all about your social network.

"You know you can search YouTube, search MySpace, get a tweet about the hottest rapper from this particular ... but to actually see them in action is like a full demo. And every day we're going to be looking to see, 'Who's that next kid?'"

Hopefully there will be modes to freestyle - we don't see the next up-and-coming rapper to see fame by repeating lyrics from another 'G'. Maybe the videos will be more about the way you move and act as well as your voice.


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