Original Super Mario Kart Coming To Wii Virtual Console

SNES mascot racer arriving on Good Friday.

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Original Super Mario Kart Coming To Wii Virtual Console
Nintendo plans to make sure you have a very Good Friday this week, with the announcement that Super Mario Kart will be available to purchase and download from the Wii Virtual Console on the 2nd April.

Super Mario Kart is a multiplayer game that truly needs no introduction, but for those of you that missed out on the Golden Age of gaming be assured that the SNES original is highly considered to be one of the best games ever made, let alone the best in the mascot karting series. And those considerations would be right, really.

You can zoom around Donut Plains and Choco Island in classic Mode 7 graphics with a friend as you munch on your chocolate easter eggs. It'll make you feel like you're 8 years old all over again (well, it'll make Svend SPOnG feel that young at least).

Super Mario Kart will cost you 800 Wii Points.


headcasephil 29 Mar 2010 15:32
i cant wait i just wish i could get a proper snes pad for the wii
i would play this on my snes bar the fact that iv only got a unoped copy for it and i cant find my other copy i think i might have lent it out never got it back i hate it when that happens
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